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How to crack a bull whip video & many more videos about whip making. Click here



xbullwhip 32 plait stockwhip 48 plait handle two tone signal whip 24 plait 4ft two tone quirt 24 plait 2 tone cat o nine tails 24 plait 2 tone bullwhip 64 plait
Welcome To Em Brand Whips

G'day. My name is Bernie Wojcicki. I have been a full time whip maker for 45 years and if you have the time to stroll through my site you will see that I am getting better at it.
If you want to see  what my past customers think of my whips click here, I manage my own web site so comments are most welcome.

 All my whips are hand crafted to order and none are kept in stock. This means that when you order a bull whip or any of the whips on this site it allows you to add that personal touch if you like or purchase a standard bullwhip, signal whip or quirt.
I specialize in custom work, take a look at my collectors page , so whatever your little heart desires tell me and we  can work something out.
 Any questions you have regarding the purchase of bullwhips ,signal whips, quirts or anything to do with whips
EMAIL  and I will respond as soon as possible, usually within a few hours because I'm a self confessed web and computer junkie as well as a whip maker.. If you want to talk to me send your phone number and I will call you anywhere in the world ,overseas phone calls are cheap and getting cheaper. 
             I am alternative life style friendly ,  as you will see if you visit the 
signal whip   and  quirts    pages. You name it and I can make it for you, something to tickle your fancy or to shock you out of the doldrums,  it's all inside .
Kangaroo  hide bullwhips and snake whips from three feet to infinity ,from eight plait to 64 plait, signal whips , quirts,  Australian stock whips
crafted from kangaroo  hide . All the kangaroo hides that I use are specially selected for me and only the best, free from scars, tick marks and any other blemishes are used. All the strands I use are pre stretched to test for strength which avoids any weak  strands in a whip. All my bull whips now have four plaited bellies, no bolsters are used . Click here for photos, and signal whips have two plaited bellies. I can now also offer a nickel or sterling silver ferrule for your whip with initials or your name engraved and all whips now come with a nickel silver butt cap with the whip number, your name and signed by me with the date made.

    All my whips come with a full money back guarantee and that, "Includes the postage". Customer relations and satisfaction are two things which will ultimately determine the success or failure of my business and so are taken very seriously by me.
I live in Tasmania Australia
. I imagine you have all heard of Australia,  but Tasmania? I can hear the heads being scratched by some of you now. Click on the Tasmania link and check it out. Gods own country, come and visit and if you do,  come and see me and we'll talk whips and leather and drink coffee until your bored rigid, don't get me started talking about whips and leather or you'll never get away. If you want to look around the district where we live click here  and this site, run by a friend of mine will tell you all about it.
      Anyway come in and have a look around,
 A lot of requests have come my way for more photos so bear with me if some of the pages are a little slow to down load it will be worth it. 
      Where ever possible I have attached photo pages to whip pages. For the signal whips there is a signal whip photo page and the bullwhips have a bullwhip photo page etc. It is my aim to make this site as user friendly as possible  so comments and constructive criticism are more than welcome .