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How to crack a bull whip video . Click here


Tutorial CD's and DVD's



I have recently uploaded these dvds to you tube so that they are available to everyone.

You can watch them here or you can download them. There are lots of free programs out there that will enable you to do this.


 bullwhip tutorial click for sample
 bullwhip tutorial click for sample
 bullwhip tutorial
click for sample video


Hi Bernie
I just wanted to give you a bit of feedback on the Whip making tutorial i bought from you, and i've attached a few pictures so you can see what i've managed to achieve after watching them..

I have to say how comprehensive and complete they are, i must of watched them start to finish a good 50 times now, it felt like i was sat next to you whilst you made the whip.
After watching them the first few times i bought myself some para cord to practice with, as my only plaiting experience was with round string, once i got competent with this i moved on to some cheap leather from the local leather merchant, and got used to lacing, splitting and beveling, lot's of swearing and frustration later i felt confident enough to move onto kangaroo leather, and now some 8 months or so after first buying your DVD's i've actually made some whips and sold them, I'm sure it probably takes me twice as long as a professional whip maker to make a whip but i'm really proud of what i've achieved and it has to be said it would not of been possible without your DVD's and all the emails we exchanged.
If anybody wants to make a whip, or a collector wants to know about the construction of a whip then i can't recommend Bernie's DVD's

enough....they are brilliant.
Many many thanks for all your help and for being so approachable
Tony (UK)

Photos below are of Tony's work, just click the thumbnail for a larger pic.

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Dear Mr. Wojcicki,  I received the DVD's.  Every thing in perfect shape.  Thank you so much.  They are absolutely wonderful and I could not be happier with them.  You are a marvelous teacher,  35 yrs experience makes whip making look disarmingly effortless.  If you are making a list of people that would like to see you make a plaiting DVD, please put me down for at least one copy.  I just turned 62 last year, and before I am done I intend to make at least one "good" whip.  I know I shall have to have some "learning experiences" to get to that point.  I actually plaited my first whip over 45 years or so ago.  It was an 8 ft bull whip kit from Tandy leather.  You started plaiting at the cracker end, that’s where all the strands were joined together, then about half or two thirds the way down, it turned into 8 strands ( I forgot to mention it started as a four strand, then each strand split in two  It was a lot of strands to keep track of and untangled).  A wooden handle was provided with a belly of sorts attached to it.  probably about a foot long, you plaited around that then  tacked the strands onto the handle and put a Turk's head around that to conceal the tacks etc.  and voila a whip.  After a short time of messing about with it I nearly took my ear off, didn't draw blood, but it hurt like the fires of hell.  Gave it away to a friend, who, in short order, duplicated my fete and whip was retired never to be seen again.  Whip safety self taught !  I do know a bit about Tasmania, had a family friend, an old English gentleman ( A long story how all that came about)  went off to "homestead" in Tasmania in the very late 50's.  He was in Scottsdale, he was very near to or in his 80's,  at the time, passed away in 1963.  He used to write about how beautiful the Waratah tree is, from what pictures I have seen it does look quite spectacular.  I have been going through Ron Edwards book on whip making and your DVD's are a perfect supplement to that.  Thanks again for making these wonderful DVD's and best regards.   Andre

Hello bernie!  I think you did a super job on those dvd's for whip making.  I really am having a nice time making the whips and learning all about it!   I would like to know if and when you will have those cd's  dvd's on braiding?  you can count on me to buy your cd's and I'm sure there are lots of other people out there that are just as anxious to learn to braid as I am   Please let me know when you have completed the cd's   I know that you will do another fantastic job just like you did on those whip tapes!  Thank you!  Eddie!

Hey Bernie,
Well you can disregard my last email.  I received the tools and CD's about 5 hours ago and I can only say one word "FANTASTIC".  The tools are first class, a must for anyone interested in whipmaking.  As for the CD's, I can now put a face to the name or at least your hands :)  I've only watched the first 2 CD's on whipmaking and the CD on how the tools work, they are amazing. Bernie, I've read about 3 or 4 books on whipmaking but until you have someone to show you how it's done words truly can't explain the process.  Myself, I'm just starting to get into whip making.  I've been handling bullwhips for about 20 years on and off  as a hobby and only resently have become interested in the art of making whips more so then practicing with them.  Right now I'm a returning student to college at 33 years of age to pursue my computer programming degree, I was a system administrator for years, so my time is spent mostly infront of a computer typing code, but it also gives me time to "blue print" my whip design that I'm working on for next summer, no time for "creating" just "contemplating".  Anyways, I'm being long winded, I just want to say thankyou for taking the time to document this "craftsmanship" so the rest of the people who are interested can finally have the proper tools and techniques to draw from.
P.S. Looking forward to your CD on plaiting.
Hi Bernie
I just want to let you know that I received the parcel cantaining the cd's
last week Thursday. The discs were very efficiently and well wrapped and
also in excellent condition.
I feel that I must congratulate you with the contents of the video
material. I was even able to view the cd's on my DVD player (the "disc
menu" must just be turned off on the remote - the vcd then starts playing
automatically) and even my wife found the plaiting process very
interesting. I believe that anyone seriously interested in the craft of
whipmaking should prepare himself firstly through the literature by Ron
Edwards, Bruce Grant and David Morgan. Equipped with the basic principles
and knowledge on the subject one can move on to your outstanding tutorial
video. In such an event I suppose it would be quite easy to learn and later
through lots of practise (over the years - definitely not merely a project
for a long weekend!) master the techniques shown on your video. I think
your tutorial video is truly a must for the beginner who seriously wants to
acquant himself with this craft. Your tutorial videos expand far beyond the
boundaries of illustrations and descriptive phrases of any book.
I will probably at a later stage in the future order some of the tools of
the trade from you as well. I am currently taking it step by step and
consider it at this point in time as a new hobby. Therefore I am currently
merely trying to expand my knowledge on the subject.
Thank you for an excellent product and also for sharing some of your valued
knowledge on the subject with me.
Kind regards